Kickstarter and More Meets Movement Organizing


  • “The most innovative and needed app I’ve yet seen, and I vet 10 app proposals on average per day!”

    Ed Bell, Head of Tech Innovation Vetting for Leonardo Dicaprio's Foundation

  • “Absolutely Awesome! WinWisely makes it possible for virtually everyone to get involved at some level.”

    Dolores Huerta, Cofounder of United Farm Workers; President of Dolores Huerta Foundation

  • “Loved the WinWisely demo! Wish it was coded and we had it a month ago! I especially like its advanced features for creating peer bonds and thereby its power to engage more people and paste, and at the same time, to thereby reduce the flake out problem. Its social rewards features is also a great idea.”

    Michael Carter, Deputy Campaign Manager for Ocasio2018 (NY 14th Congressional District/ Bronx and Queens)

  • “After viewing the WinWisely demo, I’m sold. I love not just the crowdacting tool, but the social rewards and peer-bonding tools as well, which might be even more important for electoral campaigns than the crowdacting. I can’t wait for them to get the funding they need so we can beta test this to help our own campaign win back Dem control of the NY State Senate.”

    Blake Morris, Democratic Candidate for NY State Senate

  • “I am excited about the potential of WinWisely to significantly improve the recruitment and commitment powers of leading progressive organizations today.”

    Josh Nussbaum, Senior Data Advisor, Indivisable National

  • “WinWisely is the only solution I’ve seen that would enable us to recruit and support the numbers of canvassers and phone bankers we need to win the strong election protection legislative victories we urgently need in every state to save democracy before it’s too late.”

    John Brakey, Executive Director, Audit-AZ

  • “Brilliant and Simple!”

    Joel Segal, Co-Director of North Carolinians for Clean Energy

  • “For me, organizing and moving people through leadership has always been for me about one-on-one engagement. So, I really like this [WinWisely], because it seems that the human interaction doesn’t go away. It’s a tech tool that works with organizers. I also like it because there are a lot of people who self-select as activists but have no idea how to get involved.”

    Walker Foley, Southern California Organizer, Food & Water Watch