Kickstarter and More Meets Movement Organizing

Our Premises

The Five Premises Behind WinWisely


"In the battle between the forces of good and evil, greed and compassion, democracy and plutocracy, there is only one thing that has consistently made the difference: organizing."  —Kurt Vonnegut


As Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephan demonstrate in their book, Why Mass Resistance Works (based on the study of 60 mass resistance struggles from 1900 to the Ukrainian Revolution in 2004-5), once you have 3.5% of the public actively engaged in mass non-violent civil resistance, you have better than an 80% chance of toppling a right wing authoritarian government. The urgent and critically important changes we need to make today are far less challenging than totally replacing the existing government, and therefore would require far fewer people, though far more than current organizing technology has been able to recruit, commit, and support.


We believe there are several million Americans angry and wanting to do lots more than sign petitions, go to protests, or make calls. As the Bernie campaign proved, there are large numbers out there who are willing to undertake major tasks if given a major goal and a vision of victory that would constitute a real positive change. Approximately 150,000 people signed up years ago to a little-known web page Credo hosted called the “Pledge of Resistance” that stated they would be willing to risk arrest to stop the Keystone Pipeline.


We need a one-stop shop that makes it easy for anyone angry and seeking a progressive solution to find it and sign up for a specific action. It is incredibly difficult for potential activist Americans to easily and quickly find a campaign addressing their favorite issue close to them, that a) has a clear plan to win and b) a role that fits the user’s preference.


We need a process to quickly mobilize people to immediately resist a future “Reichstag shock doctrine” play, and any sudden attempts to eliminate Internet Freedom.