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Urgent: Co-Founders for Tech Team (Part Time OK)

Tech Cofounders wanted for, a web-based mobile-friendly app that 14 top organizers say they would love to have right now

What  We Are: is an open-source, nonprofit, and free to activists mobile-friendly app in development (currently with a clickable demo, wireframe, most user stories) that was created to answer the mother of all questions:

How can progressive organizations and electoral campaigns in the next few months recruit, commit, and support/reward massively larger numbers of volunteers willing to do much bigger impact tasks to save the planet and democracy before it's too late?

To see our answer and find out more, first watch this 3 minute animation on the concept of Crowdacting (albeit applied to a more conservative strategy), and after that, go to for our one-pager and reviews from over 14 top organizers and then ask to view our 10-minute demo.

You can check out our one-pager for more information, along with reviews from 14 top organizers as well as IT Pros on the homepage.

To see our answer demonstrated: Please ask us for a live 10-minute demo.

Who We Are:

We are currently a three-person team including our designer, expecting to move any day now to five. We also have a highly accomplished Tech adviser and top people in other adviser roles (marketing, direct action, organizing, design, etc)


A CTO co-founder and a Lead Engineer co-founder

We’re seeking at least two social/political/economic change passionate senior-level programmers to come onto our team, one titled as a CTO co-founder, one as a lead developer co-founder to help build the app after we have completed our beta tests and one more halftime (lead engineer title possible).


Full stack coding will be expected to begin when we completed our beta tests—in about 8 wks, or by Jan 1st at the latest, Wireframes and user stories before then.


We want something that will be web-based, mobile friendly and scalable. The engineers will decide on the best stack to use.


The most likely funding source had to get their proposal Oct 15th, However, we don’t expect the funders to begin reviewing our co-founder team google doc until Oct 21st at the earliest.  


YOU can be anywhere. We are based in NYC and our designer is in Seattle.


We are expecting to pay 50-70% market rate (assuming market rate at $100-130/hr), and close to market if we prove our hypotheses and therefore well funded “Big Greens,” ACLU, and major social justice or well funded electoral campaign decide to integrate us into their sites.


Drop us a line at with a resume and a short statement of interest (no formal cover letter necessary). Feel free to call Gary Krane at (802) 380-8880 with any questions or suggestions. We'll get back to you within 24 hours. Be sure to include your coding experience, a couple sample sites, and especially links to any social good apps (web based is fine) you've programmed or had a lead role in developing.

gary krane