Kickstarter and More Meets Movement Organizing

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Positions at WinWisely

Wanted:  Activist UI/UX Designer CoFounder (possible CXO)

(15 hrs minimal/wk to start)

to put grassroots non-violent direct action (NVDA) and strike organizing on steroids using a new

out-of-the-box mobile-friendly secure web-based app


LOCATION: You can be based anywhere.
PART TIME OK if can start immediately (but ideally at least 15 hrs/wk)


1) for re-doing the demo: at least 40-65 hrs

2) for both web apps (the individual potential volunteer and the campaign manager) 80-100 if using HTML5 and CSS, less if only Sketch or alternative, not counting iteration during user testing (there are about 35 key user stories currently)

WHO WE ARE--OUR MISSION: is our splash page, that has our one pager and reviews from 20 top organizers and activist IT pros nationwide.

Our Mission is to provide a major one stop mobile-friendly one stop app breakthrough solution to what we call the two-sided "mother of all challenges,” the holy grail for grassroots organizers:


"How can the progressive grassroots organizations of today recruit, commit, support and cleverly organize massively larger numbers of volunteers than we can right now, to do much bigger impact tasks than we are now doing, and ASAP--before it is too late to save democracy and mother nature as we know it. And conversely, how can the 3-6M still untapped potential activists out there yearning for major change quickly find the right campaign to join, and the right role that fits their skills and preferences.



  1. Immediately improve upon existing 11min video demo (viewable at now in prottapp, andor produce new one in sketch, or ideally html5 - css

  2. Optional: Improve on existing work flow diagrams

  3. Work with rest of tech team to ensure idiotproof UI

  4. Design and help conducting UI user testing, using PPT tools to simplify user testing

  5. Connections with easily affordable animator a plus


Our Credibility:

After viewing our clickable 7-minute demo, more than 20 top organizers and IT Pros across the nation have been extremely impressed with our potential to put organizing on steroids. And their suggestions for improvement have continually been integrated into its ongoing design.


Thumbnail on What We Are:  See for 3min animation, endorsements, and clickable video demo, the demo that needs revising


Drawing from latest research in behavioral economics and evidence based organizing, WinWisely us based on a unique integration of three functionalities, one of which is called crowdacting (not crowdfunding). So think: "Kickstarter + Peer Bonder and Social Rewards meets movement organizing." We’ll be open source & free to most nonprofits and expect to play a major role in this year’s battles to win back Congress, as well as to keep fossil fuels in the ground get medicare for all, and much more.



  1. Near senior or senior level experience doing mobile-friendly web- app UI design. Frontend coding might not be necessary, but huge plus

  2. Proven commitment to social justice and/or environmental causes

  3. Communicative (quickly responds to texts and emails) and transparent

  4. NiceTOHave’s: connections with funders or people who know wealthy people; connections with other needed talent (social media director, digital marketing director, etc)

  5. Able to start immediately


Negotiable, depending on experience, our level of funding, and if able to bring in other talent (eg a social media / crowdfunder or outreach director or fundraiser associate). To be clear, we seek people far more motivated by justice and saving mother earth, than by money. If the betatest is successful, then much larger funding will come (donors tell us) meaning much larger salaries by this summer.


TO APPLY: (see next page)

  1. First check out this 3min animation, while imagining “crowdacting” being used instead by XR to recruit NVDA volunteers or used by FridaysForFuture for recruiting milliions of student, teacher, and parent climate strikers

  2. Then read our one pager (which includes link to the current 10min videodemo needing updating) and some of the reviews from top organizers and IT activists and confirm you’ve done so in your cover letter

  3. IMPORTANT: SEND us a cover letter to, describing

    • “Why us” (when there are so many other do good outfits out there?) and    

    •  listing (bullets) relevant skills and/or activist type accomplishments, as well as sample apps.  Be sure to include your phone contact info and city and time zone, in your sig

 Be sure subject line states UI Designer/ Cofounder/your city and [how you heard of us]


gary krane