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Positions at WinWisely

Co-Founder: Marketing Director

WANTED: PT Marketing Director for WinWisely App Team


Please see our One-Pager and Reviews from Top organizers & IT pros on our home page.

Develop and widely disseminate the first app capable of recruiting, committing, managing, and supporting the massively larger numbers of volunteers environmental, social justice, healthcare, BLM etc. groups urgently need to do much larger tasks than ever before. For example:

  • Shutting down a pipeline or LNG (fracked gas) terminal, which could require 10,000/week for 12 weeks plus supporting personnel) to succeed,

  • Passing state-level Green New Deal Jobs bill in PA or Colorado, requiring 10,000 canvassers and 15,000 phone bankers,

  • Passing a statewide fracking ban in PA or CO, requiring similar numbers

  • Passing Medicare for all bills in various states, requiring 1000s of canvassers, phone bankers, even direct action volunteers,

  • Instituting a paper-based hand counted election system,

  • Finding the millions necessary to engage in massive civil resistance for a successful viable General Strike (like the 1963 Women’s Strike for Peace on steroids) to create even greater changes.


1.     Developing ideas for how to get millions of users to download WinWisely

2.     Perform outreach to influencers/others able to give us exposure


  • Cofounder title and equal decision maker of this project

  • The chance to help dramatically increase the size and impact of the resistance.

  • COMPENSATION: Low pay for first 1-2 months (ie: until funding). Then, negotiable when first funding arrives; can currently cover expenses. Then retroactive pay after funding (Founder has long track record of successful fundraising and we are within a few weeks of receiving funding). The main co-founder has been working many months without pay, and 2nd cofounder only got his first small fee ($1500) after two months working full-time. But now, most of the groundwork for raising funds has been done, and we just started fundraising July 17th


  • A 12-minute clickable prototype we can demo via screen share

  • A standalone video

  • Rave reviews from top organizers and IT pros

  • An ever-growing list of luminaries on our board of advisers

  • Our chief cofounder has already founded a commercial startup in the health 2.0 space


You can live/work from anywhere


25HRS/WK Minimum




1)    Passion for the cause

2)    Some experience in marketing (Part-time/internship experience okay)


Email us at, and put “Marketing Director WinWisely” in the subject line with your own email and phone in your signature. Include:

  1. A cover letter describing your motivation and in bullet points relevant track record and/or contacts (try to speak to the 2 requirements and pluses listed above

  2. Confirmation you’ve read the one-pager and reviews on the home page and viewed the 3-minute animation available at

  3. Your resume

  4. Follow with call to (802) 388-8880 (8 am to 11 pm 7days/week)

gary krane