Kickstarter and More Meets Movement Organizing

Co-Founder Roles/Jobs

Positions at WinWisely

Co-Founder: PT/FT Project Manager/Operations Director

WHO WE ARE: is an open source nonprofit and free to activists mobile-friendly app that is being created to answer what our team considers the mother of all questions:

How can progressive campaigns by next year be able to recruit, commit, and support/reward massively larger numbers of volunteers willing to do much bigger impact tasks to save the planet and democracy before it's too late?  

To see our answer and find out more, first watch this 3 minute animation on the concept of Crowdacting (albeit applied to a more conservative strategy), and after that, go to for our one-pager and reviews from over 14 top organizers and then ask to view our 10-minute demo.

Our aim is nothing less than to revolutionize organizing because history shows that organizing is our only option to achieve the above goal.

We'll be creating a one-stop shop mobile-friendly app, with a unique integration of three functionalities, the most innovative and powerful being crowdacting (see So we say WinWisely is "Kickstarter and more meets movement organizing." We also think we’ve got some creative ideas for getting the 2-6M potential big task activists out there to come to us and register.


Flexibility a must. We can adjust this list based on your preferences.

  1. liaison with the 3-4 campaigns wanting to beta test us; helping them with their questions and  filling out their FAQ, etc
  2. funder research, contact, and follow-up calls to arrange demo sessions
  3. potential to project manage the developer and designer team if this is a career goal of yours
  4. researching topics ranging from activist cause marketing to privacy/security tactics to behavior economics tactics for reducing flake out and increasing peer-peer bonding
  5. occasional face to face user testing
  6. scheduling hangouts via zoom or google with campaign organizers, tech help, potential donors, marketing gurus etc and taking good notes on such meetings (Zoom records; so need not be super fast typer)
  7. if you like networking, attending conferences and events to find us useful contacts
  8. optional: until we bring on board a social media/marketing talent, updating our FB and twitter accounts
  9. additional duties as they come up in response to needs of the beta test campaign organizers


you choose, PT ok, but closer to full time, the better.


Totally transparent on all matters. Once you’ve moved to co-founder status, Collaborative. Chief Co-founder is a good empathic listener and happy to provide references from prior associates/partners. 


Very low to start until funding. In the meantime and likely for several months we can offer a free private apartment in the village in Manhattan (which are now going for $3500-4500/mo!). In addition, our chief cofounder has been a fundraiser most of his life (raised $1.5 for many of his docs, for Nader, election protection cause, Greens, etc), and is optimistic about raising sufficient funding to provide livable income for all WinWisely cofounders (who will get paid before himself!) He has also been the chief cofounder of two prior social venture startups that have succeeded, though not bigtime, one which recently raised $150k and soon to raise $500k. Besides the December grant, he knows several potential high donors to raise at least $150k more, by early next year.

Pay can be double if you are also able to fulfill the duties of the Marketing Director.


YOU can be anywhere. We are based in NYC and our designer is in Seattle.


  1. study our WinWisely splash page and reviews
  2. view (3min) and read
  3. Drop us a cover letter at with a resume and a short statement of interest, and then call Gary Krane at (802) 380-8880 to make sure we’ve gotten it. We'll try to get back to you within 48 hours.  Weekend ok. Be sure to include in bullet points prior relevant accomplishments that might demonstrate your passion for saving the planet and/or democracy/ social justice


gary krane