Kickstarter and More Meets Movement Organizing

Co-Founder Roles/Jobs

Positions at WinWisely

PT/FT Director of UserTesting (eventual CXO) Cofounder

WHO WE ARE: is an open source non profit and free to activists mobile-friendly app that was created to answer the mother of all questions: How can progressive organizations and electoral campaigns in the next few months recruit, commit, and support/reward massively larger numbers of volunteers willing to do much bigger impact tasks to save the planet and democracy before it's too late for both?  

To understand our answer first view the 3 minute "Crowdacting" animation, and after that, go to, to read our one-pager and reviews from 14 top organizers from across the nation, and then request a 7 minute demo (give us at least a 2 day warning and a couple day/time choices). 


We'll be creating a one-stop shop mobile-friendly app, with a unique integration of three functionalities, the most innovative and powerful being crowdacting (see the animation.) So we say WinWisely is "Kickstarter and more meets movement organizing."  Our aim is nothing less than to revolutionize organizing because it is our only option to save democracy and the planet before it is too late.

JOB DUTIES: Flexibility a must

  1. Finding and executing one on one user testing for at least 20-30 individual representing the 3-4 major age demographics and married/not married
  2. From the above deducing best questions to ask and best possible answers to use for multiple choice survey
  3. Find most cost-effective methods to do survey(s) to get at least 500 respondents hence reach at least 25,000 readers.
  4. Analyze and clearly present the results
  5. Repeat similar process for determining most effective incentives to use to a)get users to register and b) keep them engaged
  6. Additional duties as they come up

HOURS: you choose, but closer to fulltime, the better


Very low to start until funding. If you are in NYC, it might include a free private apartment in the village! Our chief cofounder has been a fundraiser most of his life and is optimistic about raising sufficient funding to provide livable income within 2-3 months. He has also been the chief cofounder of a prior social venture startup that has successfully launched and on the verge of taking off. We hear in December about a $70k grant which would immediately raise salaries to $2000-2500/mo, but know many potential high donors to raise at least $150k more.

LOCATION: YOU can be anywhere. We are based in NYC, our designer is in Seattle, and another of our original cofounders is in SF.


  1. Study the 3 min Crowdacting and our WinWisely splash page and reviews
  2. Read our premises at
  3. Drop us a cover letter to, describing your deepest motivation(s), why us, and in bullet points any relevant experience or training and/or mentor/advisers who could be helpful to you, and attach  a resume and then call Gary Krane at (802) 380-8880 to make sure we’ve gotten it. We'll try to get back to you within 48 hours. 
gary krane