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“In the battle between the forces of good and evil, greed and compassion, only one thing has consistently made the difference—organizing”

"Because to save democracy, nature, and get real justice, voting is not enough"

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 Easily volunteer to candidates like Jacky Rosen in Nevada who needs support to win her district.

Easily volunteer to candidates like Jacky Rosen in Nevada who needs support to win her district.

We believe that at this pivotal moment in our species' and democracy’s history, unless we can recruit, commit, and cleverly organize significantly larger number of volunteers than ever before, to do much bigger tasks, it will be too late to save democracy and mother nature as we know it.

Therefore, our goal at WinWisely is to create a one stop app that puts mobilizing on steroids by integrating for the first time five powerful tools to make it easier than ever before to recruit and commit significantly more volunteers than usual to do the actions that make the biggest difference:

  1.  Expanded Choice of Roles: Giving you the user up o 20 different roles to chose from, plus the option to create your own, plus ways to get the support you need to be willing to try out the most important role—canvasser or door knocker with a trained mentor

  2. Removal of the barriers that prevent you from committing: we give you an easy way to let us know what you need to commit, whether it be free childcare, or a free charter bus and housing to be able to travel to a swing state, or simply being invited by a friend

  3. Crowd acting: Think ‘Kickstarter meets movement organizing.’ By giving users the option of stating how many others need to be involved in a campaign before they get involved, the app gives the user control over their level of risk. See for more.

  4. An innovative support and rewards system: Supporters unwilling or unable to canvass, call, transport, or help directly vis a vis our 20 possible roles, can offer support with childcare, housing, dinner invitations, free professional services, etc. to those doing the hard work

  5. Creating and fostering Peer-to-Peer Connections: WinWisely encourages the formation of local connections with existing or new potential friends in your neighborhood to strengthen commitment and advance engagement.


Who is WinWisely for?

WinWisely will be a One-Stop Shop for at least two classes of users:

Millions of everyday people wanting to do more than petitions and donations:

  • WinWisely is for people who realize that in neck and neck races, it's not enough to just vote, who know they should do more, but feel they just can't find the time, or who are afraid of knocking on strangers' doors.

  • WinWisely is for people who want to quickly find a campaign addressing their top concern(s) while also best meeting their personal needs and limitations (location, language, role, timing, availability, skills, mobility, etc.).

 Creating an account is easy and we explain everything before you get started.

Creating an account is easy and we explain everything before you get started.

Organizations who want to grow their actions

WinWisely is for progressive organizations who want to:

  • Recruit many more people (including those unable to canvass, phone, do direct action, etc.)

  • Better support/reward volunteers

  • Reduce flake rate

  • Create stronger peer-to-peer bonds

  • Quickly ID potential leaders


The most innovative and needed app I’ve yet seen, and I vet 10 app proposals on average per day!
— Ed Bell, Head of tech innovation vetting for Leonardo DiCaprio's foundation
Absolutely Awesome! WinWisely makes it possible for virtually everyone to get involved at some level.
— Dolores Huerta, Cofounder of United Farm Workers; President of Dolores Huerta Foundation
After viewing the WinWisely demo, I’m sold. I love not just the crowdacting tool, but the social rewards and peer-bonding tools as well, which might be even more important for electoral campaigns than the crowdacting. I can’t wait for them to get the funding they need so we can beta test this to help our own campaign win back Dem control of the NY State Senate.
— Blake Morris, Democratic candidate for NY State Senate
Loved the WinWisely demo! Wish it was coded and we had it a month ago! I especially like its advanced features for creating peer bonds and thereby its power to engage more people and paste, and at the same time, to thereby reduce the flake out problem. Its social rewards features is also a great idea.
— Michael Carter, Deputy Campaign Manager for Ocasio2018 (NY 14th Congressional District/ Bronx and Queens)
I am excited about the potential of WinWisely to significantly improve the recruitment and commitment powers of leading progressive organizations today.
— Josh Nussbaum, Senior Data Advisor, Indivisible National
WinWisely is the only solution I’ve seen that would enable us to recruit and support the numbers of canvassers and phone bankers we need to win the strong election protection legislative victories we urgently need in every state to save democracy before it’s too late.
— John Brakey, Executive Director, AUDIT-AZ
Brilliant and Simple!
— Joel Segal, Co-Director of North Carolinians for Clean Energy
For me, organizing and moving people through leadership has always been for me about one-on-one engagement. So, I really like this [WinWisely], because it seems that the human interaction doesn’t go away. It’s a tech tool that works with organizers. I also like it because there are a lot of people who self-select as activists but have no idea how to get involved.
— Walker Foley, Southern California Organizer, Food & Water Watch
Fantastic idea! Much needed. I’ll start making some introductions for you.
— Wesley Clark Jr.
WinWisely’s unique crowdacting functionality is a clever use of technology to amass the activists we need to advocate for and pass strong climate change legislation. We really like the simple, user-friendly design... We would be eager to try it out as soon as the software is ready and available. We believe the app could help us significantly to identify new activists in the San Diego area, and their specific interest in specific campaigns such as climate action plans, adoption of community choice energy, and keeping oil in the ground.
— Joint Statement, San Diego 350 Steering Committee
WinWisely is an innovative app that I think has the power to change the way we approach and support rapid mobilization of people in-person on a range of social justice issues. The design team is refreshingly open to suggestions and looking to build a useful product for social justice leaders of the day.
— Aditi Juneja, Co-Founder of, OurStates, and the Self Care Sundays Podcast
In a state like Colorado, with a huge battle fighting the oil and gas industries encroachment on our health and homes, Win Wisely could be a fantastic tool to help communities on the front lines stay engaged and motivated for the long-haul. Frankly, I wish we had this application [WinWisely] last summer to better be able to recruit the petition gatherers we needed, and then, had we been successful in getting on the ballot, the massive numbers of canvassers & phone bankers we’d then need to pass the two anti-fracking initiatives.
— Lisa Trope, Senior Colorado Organizer, Food & Water Watch
Exactly what the progressive movement needs to expand our capacity for major victories, channeling the frustrated energy that saturates anyone with a conscious these days and guiding them to action.
— Greg Schwedock, IT head for TheClimateMobilization
This application has the potential to raise the effectiveness of involving people into the most important struggle of our times: stopping the fossil fuel monster from destroying our home planet…It can also be an important step towards taking political power back from corporate elites into the hands of the people.
— Kjell Kühne, Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO)
WinWisely is very thorough and offers solutions and support for many different aspects of how to run winning campaigns in the Medicare For All movement. I’m excited to make introduction to some national organizers.
— Katie Robbins, Executive Director, PNHPNY (Physicians for a National Health Program-New York Metro Chapter)
We can see how Win Wisely’s crowd acting and anti-flake-out functionalities could be a uniquely valuable organizing toolset for many of the collective actions needed to confront policies that threaten public health, fracking in particular. The entrenched interests promoting fracking in Pennsylvania are formidable. So we welcome a tool that could be used to mobilize many more volunteers than usual to rally against pipelines and fracking, especially health professionals who are our target group. And therefore we are open to trying out WinWisely once it is on line and free of bugs as an organizing tool for PSR Philadelphia and suspect it will become a valuable as well as for lots of groups fighting fracking in PA.
— Walter Tsau, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility-Philadelphia
The world is ripe for an app like this if you get it right. It seems like you are pursuing a really productive vein.
— Dan Sherrell, Campaign Coordinator, NY Renews
Really cool. This could be really helpful.
— Micah Parkin, Director 350Colorado
We really appreciate how WinWisely recognizes that the strength of an organization lies in both its numbers and how well organized it is. So, we are really excited for the opportunity to beta test WinWisely for three reasons: 1) its well thought out platform helps organizers get better organized 2) it enables, for the first time ever, those people who wait until a movement hits critical mass before signing on to immediately self-identify and be drawn into the organization much faster, and 3) it cleverly allows those potential participants who want to be involved away from the front lines to participate in a variety of roles behind the scenes.
— Pramilla Malick, Chair, Protect Orange County

*Unless no individual is noted, organizations' names are for identification purposes only and do not necessarily represent the views of the organization itself.

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